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Mangos Studio brings together moms (and dads) and their kids into one (virtual) place. We will be offering different enrichment programs with different themes. Each program will have fun and simple activities!

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Who is behind Mangos Studio?
Two moms from Flipp Family (Jenn) and Simply Chaotic Beauty (Rose) have partnered together to bring to you a place where both moms and kids can enjoy enrichment activities together!

Why Mangos Studio?
In the Filipino culture, the mango is know to be “the fruit of God”. When you eat a mango you have to go through different layers until you finally finish a mango.
Like motherhood, mamas peel different layers of this journey.
And like the taste of the mango, sweet and sour, motherhood can be sweet and sour!

If you really take a look at a mango, it is also heart shaped. Mamas are truly special human beings that are hard workers, but also are passionate and loving.

So this is how Mangos Studio came to life!
Wherever you are in your motherhood journey we want celebrate you as a mama and be able to do things with your kids! The sweet and the sour of motherhood!

We are both busy mamas that still work, but want to be able to give our children activities to do while at home. We both want to teach our kids about their culture and other cultures, Incorporate their interests like cooking, building, painting, etc and still have fun doing it!

What is Mangos Studio?
This membership will offer different programs that highlights different themes. For example, our beta program is all about art and kindness. In the program you will receive 4 enrichment classes that are a mix of live classes and recorded classes. The beauty of this is you can access the recordings up until a certain time. Additionally, all the digital printables will be accessible to you right inside the program.

We started with highlighting the Filipino culture, but as we continue to develop the membership we want to bring more diversity and be able to include Filipino and other cultures too! So you will see both!

We will partner with different professionals to lead the classes so your kids will be learning from different people in the field! Also, as the membership and community grows, the plan is to include a play box to include materials for the activities and something special for the mamas as a sweet treat that we all deserve!

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Still not convinced? See what some of the members have been saying about the membership!
Love that we can participate when we can by watching the videos or downloading activities to do together as a family. Nothing is ever forced and you can participate as you want. We decided to join so that our kids could learn about their culture and with the Pandemic, this was a great option since everything is done virtually! “- Founding Member

I grew up in the Philippines and I thought I know a lot already about our culture, until I signed up for Flipp Family membership. I noticed now that I am relearning things and finding out new things about our culture. My eldest have been enjoying learning the language more with the added activities I get from our membership. Thank you so much! “- Founding Member

“Love the different themes that are highlighted each month! Gives variety and the virtual classes are so creative and well organized!” -Founding Member

Here is what’s included in the programs:

  1. Access to the enrichment program
  2. 3-5 enrichment classes
  3. Digital Activity Book that includes materials needed and instructions
  4. Play Box (SOON!)
  5. Private Facebook Group to interact with other mamas
  6. Plus some surprises!

Have any questions? Let’s set up a call and we can further discuss!

Wondering if the Mangos Studio Membership is for you?

Come join the membership if:

  • You have young children (3-10) and want to incorporate additional educational resources about culture and diversity
  • You are overwhelmed with all the resources out there and need everything in one spot
  • You want to be apart of a community that is family friendly and connect with other busy parents
  • You are an educator wanting to teach students about different cultures
  • Teach your kids in a fun way about skills they will need as they grow up! Like critical thinking, problem solving, building, etc.

The membership may not be a right fit for you if…

  • You already have the knowledge to teach your family about culture 
  • Your kids are already old enough and can learn on their own. I’m talking high school age and above
  • Already homeschooling and have a curriculum planned out

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Mangos Studio is designed to provide resources for busy mamas to educate their kids in a fun way and also celebrate being a mama.

In the programs, you will find: 

  • A community of other busy parents across the world
  • One stop shop of resources and activities
  • Learn about different cultures and celebrating different holidays
  • Teach kids at a young age about their culture in a fun and simple way
  • Have activities where kids and parents can do together

Now are you ready?

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You might be asking yourself….

Most of us are distant learning, do I really have time for this?
Yes, you do! All of the content will be available to you to watch during the allotted time. There is a mix of live and pre-recorded content. Any live event will be recorded and uploaded so you can catch it whenever you want! 

My kids are too young and can’t even sit still even during a Facetime call
That’s ok, We understand! We both have young kids. That’s why we created Mangos Studio! It’s a safe family friendly space. Going on mute or video off is OK. And if you need to leave a live session early, that’s ok too! You can catch the recording later!

I don’t have much materials at home to do some of the activities: 
Most of the content and activities will include alternatives. We try to keep these activities as simple as possible and include materials that can be easily found at home. We are also working on a play box component so you can get the activity book sent to you. The box will include materials for some of the activities!

I’m already overwhelmed as a working mama, I don’t need another thing added to my list
We get it, as moms we are constantly on the go and wear multiple hats. At Mangos Studio we will make time specifically just for moms. We want to celebrate you and be able to get some “me time”

Ok I’m ready! Let’s do this!