Our kids are the future and we have the opportunity to mold them into kind human beings. Learn about culture as a family!

As a busy parent or educator, there’s so many resources available to learn about different cultures, but who has time for? In the Flipp Family Connect Membership we will make it easy for you and find many educational resources and content all in ONE PLACE! 

For the first time ever, we are making the membership more accessible and have added a Free member option!

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There’s so much going on in the world that we don’t even know where to begin: 

  • Most of us are working from home 
  • Either homeschooling your kids or have become the primary caregiver (while working from home)
  • The state of uncertainty with COVID and injustice is at the all time high.
  • Learning and becoming aware of what diversity and multiculturalism is so important (even more so in this modern day)

If I can tell you a little secret…
It all starts with the parents/family and incorporating culture while kids are still young

I get it, there’s so much other things going on the world, why would you want to even teach culture and diversity to your kids?

Growing up you don’t learn this in the classroom. Here’s our chance while most of the world is distant learning to incorporate this into their everyday curriculum! And we are not here to spin the wheel or make it more overwhelming for you. We want to make this as simple and easy for both you and the kids. PLUS we’re here to have FUN! 

Still not convinced?
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The FF Connect Membership brings families together to learn more about the Filipino culture through food and family friendly activities!

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Here’s what our members are saying about the FF Connect Community:

“Such a great way to celebrate Filipino culture so that it is instilled in my daughter. Great activities that make learning the Filipino language fun.” – FF Connect Founding Member

“Love the different themes that are highlighted each month! Gives variety and the virtual classes are so creative and well organized!” – FF Connect Founding Member

The option of watching the content on our own time helps! We are able to watch the recordings when the kids are ready” – FF Connect Found Member

“We need more cooking classes! I want to how to cook more and Jenn is able to teach in a simple way and answers all the questions with ease!” – FF Connect Member

Here is what’s included in the FF Connect Membership (depending on member level):

  1. New content uploaded monthly 
  2. Highlighting a new theme every month
  3. Monthly LIVE events (virtually for now)
  4. Access to me anytime
  5. Discounts on Flipp Family exclusive Masterclasses/programs
  6. Monthly SAYA Digital Activity Book
  7. Activity Book Craft Kits
  8. Private Facebook community to interact with other parents/educators

Sounds interesting right? Have any questions? Let’s hop on a call and chat about it! 

Wondering if the Flipp Family Connect Membership is for you?

Come join the membership if:

  • You have young children and want to incorporate additional educational resources about culture and diversity
  • You are overwhelmed with all the resources out there and need everything in one spot
  • You want to be apart of a community that is family friendly and connect with other busy parents
  • You are an educator wanting to teach students about different cultures
  • You love the Filipino culture and want to learn more! 

The membership may not be a right fit for you if…

  • You already have the knowledge to teach your family about culture 
  • Your kids are already old enough and can learn on their own. I’m talking high school age and above

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A little bit about the founder of Flipp Family:

I’m Jenn and I’m a busy full time working mom of 2 kids under 3. And let’s just say life has been crazy during this uncertain time of the pandemic. I’m a firm believer to teach kids at a young age about culture and diversity. My parents immigrated from the Philippines before I was born, so I didn’t learn about my culture until college. I never thought to ask my parents or had they really taught me anything. But one thing I remember growing up is how much my family loves to cook…food is where the heart is and portrays a lot about one’s culture through food. Fast forward, now that I’m a mom, I incorporate cooking and fun activities to do with my kids so they can learn more about their culture in a fun and simple way!

The Flipp Family Connect Membership is designed to provide resources for busy parents to educate their family about culture

In the membership, you will find: 

  • A community of other busy parents across the world
  • One stop shop of resources and activities
  • Learn about culture as a family. Focusing on Filipino culture, but not limited to
  • Teach kids at a young age about their culture in a fun and simple way
  • And just be more educated and aware

Now are you ready?

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You might be asking yourself….

Most of us are distant learning, do I really have time for this?
Yes, you do! All of the content is available anytime, anywhere. There is a mix of live and pre-recorded content. Any live event will be recorded and uploaded so you can catch it whenever you want! 

My kids are too young and can’t even sit still even during a Facetime call
That’s ok, I understand with 2 young kids. That’s why I created Flipp Family! It’s a safe family friendly space. Going on mute or video off is OK. And if you need to leave a live session early, that’s ok too! You can catch the recording

I don’t have much materials at home to do some of the activities: 
Most of the content and activities will include alternatives. We try to keep these activities as simple as possible and include materials that can be easily found at home. We’ve also added a box option so you can get the activity book sent to you. The activity box will include materials for some of the activities!

Here’s your chance to join a community of families learning the Filipino culture together! For the first time ever, we are opening up the membership to be FREE!