Building community

Flipp Family is here to help other parents to get through the working week with meal planning ideas, staying organized and reminding parents to balance work and life.

Flipp Family is a community of families that want to share their experiences, relate with other parents.

Flipp Family is here to preserve culture so the future generations will not forget where they came from.

Flipp Family is bringing fun for parents and kids, but also learning their culture.


Jennifer Estacio is the founder of Flipp Family. She’s a full time working mom working in the advertising industry with over 10 years of experience in media strategy and digital marketing.

Mom of 2 and always had a passion for Filipino culture. Sense of community and teaching others always brings joy.

She loves to cook and share her food. So 2 of her passions come together to bring families.

One day (sooner rather than later), she will bring Flipp Family as a brick and mortar to have a Filipino community space in the South Bay in So Cal. First she wants to kick off Flipp Family as an online membership to create this community!