Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting pre-pandemic is already hard enough. And when you add in a global pandemic… just turns upside down and throw everything down the drain… Yes screen time has increased in this household. Yes I am working from home and taking care of the kidsYes nothing ever gets done But reality is, parents are so hard […]

Jolibee Inspired Filipino Spaghetti

Have you ever had Filipino Spaghetti? If you haven’t, it’s sweeter than the regular spaghetti. And the best part…it uses HOT DOGS! My hubby loves Filipino Spaghetti, so I had to recreate Jolibee’s spaghetti. I’m using my Instant Pot so basically I dumped all my ingredients. A few tips on making Filipino Spaghetti in the […]

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How to make Siopao

I always thought making siopao would be so hard to make. All I can hear is my dad’s voice saying the dough is so hard to make and perfect. I finally taught myself how to make it and you know what? It wasn’t so bad to make! If you have dough, yeast and can […]

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Easy Filipino Recipe: Chicken Sisig

I started testing new recipes in the kitchen during this time of the pandemic we are experiencing. We had rotisserie chicken from Costco in the fridge and I wanted to reuse it somehow. So I checked what other ingredients I had in the fridge that can be used to reuse leftover chicken. I came up […]

How to Make Felt Food: Easy DIY Asian Felt Food Tutorial

I finally filmed a video for our YouTube channel! YAY! We hosted our first virtual cooking class with Jeanelle from Jeanelleats! We showed our viewers how to make 2 different kinds of lumpia and then I showed how kid friendly activity using felt! I showed how to make and roll lumpia with felt. And then […]

First Family Friendly Event by Flipp Family: Storytime + Merienda

On 12/8, Flipp Family had their first event and collaborated with Bayang Art and Music Collective; another family owned business in Carson, CA. I actually found BAMC through Instagram while I was doing some research on Filipino owned business and I came across their IG. I like to think it was meant for us to […]

Guava Bars

More guavas means more experimenting! This time I made guava bars. I think I might be the only one that likes guava by itself. My husband likes it in dessert like Porto’s guava cheese rolls or Kong’s Hawaiian’s paradise cake, which I did make the guava cake and you can find it here!

Fall Season Calls for Soup: Chicken Tinola – Chicken Ginger Soup

Finally fall season is here in California! It’s still warm during the day, but the nighttime chill is here!  One of my favorite comfort Filipino food is Chicken Tinola. It’s a ginger soup with chicken, chayote and malyunggay or spinach. My son loves this soup! He eats every last bite and asks for seconds! Mommy […]