Parenting in a Pandemic

Parenting pre-pandemic is already hard enough. And when you add in a global pandemic… just turns upside down and throw everything down the drain…

Yes screen time has increased in this household.
Yes I am working from home and taking care of the kids
Yes nothing ever gets done

But reality is, parents are so hard on themselves that we forget that this uncertainty is NORMAL. We are all going through this pandemic together and it’s ok to feel uneasy, guilty, a failure. Whatever it is.

I’m a working mom and it’s been very hard to get work done and take care of kids at the same time.

I want to share some research I came across. Yes I’m a research nerd and love to read this kind of stuff. I find it interesting and relatable.

As parents, we tend to put our career aside to take care of the kids. It resignates more with moms because we are so used to multi-tasking and going above and beyond what we are cable of doing. It’s in our DNA as mothers

Moms tends to be the one taking care of the kids. Why is that? We have dreams too and we should be able to go after them. So mama, you should do what makes you happy. Mom guilt is so real, but also is our sanity. We need to take care of ourselves more than ever