Adobo Secret

Adobo can be prepared in so many different ways. I used to get a little annoyed when I see chefs on TV cook adobo and they put something like habanero in it. But I came to realize that there are so many ways to cook it. Everyone has their own interpretation of it!

“I Am Filipino” Cookbook is one of my favorite cookbooks and use it a lot for my cooking. And the adobo recipe in there is one of my favorites.

Soy sauce, bay leaf, brown sugar and vinegar is the basis of Adobo. Everything else is your interpretation. And in the cookbook they use jam..yes JAM! It gives it that sweet taste and it’s soo good!

Growing up my dad would cook adobo all the time, it was one of my favorite dishes until I got older and did not want to eat at all. Now my love for adobo is back and it’s one of our staple dishes we eat at home. Now my son is starting to eat it which is a plus!

What do you add to your adobo? What other ways do you eat adobo? Comment and share! I would love to know!