First Family Friendly Event by Flipp Family: Storytime + Merienda

On 12/8, Flipp Family had their first event and collaborated with Bayang Art and Music Collective; another family owned business in Carson, CA.

I actually found BAMC through Instagram while I was doing some research on Filipino owned business and I came across their IG. I like to think it was meant for us to meet as they have the same mission of teaching the youth music and art. I was more intrigued that they were from Carson and was able to create a family business based on their passion of music and art! I am so glad I met them as they are the most kindest and humble duo! If you are ever in Carson and want your kids to learn music or take an art class, check out Bayang Art and Music Collective on Instagram!

Roxane teaches the art classes at BAMC and when we met in person I already knew we will work well together. Our ideas kept flowing and after our first meeting we already had our event locked down from the date to the actual event!

Roxane Bayang taught how to make parols to take home!

I’ve planned plenty of events and I know that it takes a lot of work and can get stressful. What I’ve learned from these events is to keep it simple, don’t hesitate to ask help and use your resources . When it comes to planning I like to be a little extra. Meaning I like to go on Pinterest to get inspiration and try to DIY everything. And again, I’ve learned that you have to pick and choose what is doable and not. While it will look nice to have every little detail down, I learned that you just need a few things to make everything look presentable. Luckily, this event was in the month of December so I used my own Christmas decor and Trader Joe’s! They have the best greenery during Christmas time that is very affordable.

Ok, enough of the behind the scenes planning! Our first event was called “Storytime + Merienda”. We kicked off the event with food (of course) and live music from Rocksteady Rondalla; a traditional Filipino music band. We then read a few Filipino children’s books followed by parol making taught by Roxane.

A parol is a traditional Filipino lantern in a shape of the star. You will usually see these hung in front of the house during the holidays. Each family got to make their own parol to take home and use it for decor!

At the end of the parol making, we then had a fun game called a Pabitin which is a Filipino version of a pinata. So fun! instead of hitting the pinata, there are multiple strings that hang with prizes and the kids have to pull down hard to get it.

For this being Flipp Family’s first event, I had no expectations. I would have been content with one family there. But I’m so glad there were so many families that came out to support!

Here are few more photos from the day. Hope to see you at the next Flipp Family event. We will be hosting something bi-monthly in 2020! So stay tune! If you are interested in collaborating, please email: I would love to work with you and make things happen!

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Venue: Bayang Art and Music Collective
Music: Rocksteady Rondalla
Food: Kitchen 1726 & Jenn Estacio
Photos: Lara Elaine