Fall Season Calls for Soup: Chicken Tinola – Chicken Ginger Soup

Finally fall season is here in California! It’s still warm during the day, but the nighttime chill is here! 

One of my favorite comfort Filipino food is Chicken Tinola. It’s a ginger soup with chicken, chayote and malyunggay or spinach. My son loves this soup! He eats every last bite and asks for seconds! Mommy win! Add some rice to this and it’s a complete meal.

A lot of Filipino dishes are one pot dishes and this one can easily be made on the stove top. But this time around, I made it in the crockpot since we were on the go on this day running errands. 

Let me tell you…game changer! I always love a crockpot meal and this was no different. The chicken just fell off the bone. This lasted us pretty much the whole week and the flavors kept getting better everyday! 

Filipino ingredient staples: onions, ginger and garlic
Left: Chayote. Right: Malunggay

Share in the comments what your favorite comfort food is for fall.