How to Style a Party

I must admit, I get all my inspiration from Pinterest when it comes to event styling and finding the “newest” trends. Trust me, I’ve had my share of Pinterest fails. Looks so easy, but when you try it yourself…not so much!

I’ve learned to keep it simple and do a test run to really see your vision come to life. I wasn’t planning on having a baby shower for baby #2, but since it’s a girl we had to shower her with love! So I kept it simple…as much as possible since I tend to go a little overboard on things.

Some of the cake stands, vases, chargers, platters is what I already had that I’ve used for almost all the parties I host at home. And the desserts display was using shelves from a friend 2HeartsRentals that has the cutest rentals if you are in the local OC/LA area. So hit her up for any rental needs!
I also used her white vases and cake stands.

These days, baby showers, birthdays, weddings, etc has to have a theme for some reason. It makes things more festive! What I’ve learned: keep it simple! You will realize what you see on Pinterest or Instagram…cost $$$ and you have to think, do you really need those theme specific cookies that are shaped like fiesta hats? Also, if you are like me and like to DIY, you cannot make everything yourself. Stick to what you know how to do and ask people who know how to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love those things and the little details brings things to life, but when you are on a tight budget, you can find other things to make things festive and pretty.

Since it was a baby girl shower, I thought I would go with the floral theme (even though I hate flowers) since I can go to my local Trader Joe’s/Flower Shop to get my hands on flowers that were in season. In this case: PEONIES! So it was easy to dress up the table with flowers! And put flowers everywhere..on the balloon garland, centerpieces, dessert display etc. Plus Target had the cutest Easter decor that went on sale after the holiday that fit perfectly with the theme!

It was also in an intimate setting in my backyard with less than 30 people. So I wanted to do a brunch and got a crepe caterer that I’ve used for work and it was a hit! And me being Filipino I had to come up with other food to serve so my guests wouldn’t go starving so Porto’s and easy sandwiches/crostinis it is! Easy to prep ahead of time and just plate it nicely with the platters I already had.

After planning my son’s first birthday, I think I’ve got the hang of party planning and making things pretty in a simple way. People always tell me that I have an eye for styling and it’s something I like to do! So I want to share my top 3 tips on how to style your event to make it look Pinterest/Instagram worthy:

  1. When it comes to picking a theme, I first look at what I have already on hand or can borrow. For example balloons, table cloths, cake stands, bags, colors of certain things. This will help you start planning to figure out a theme based on what you have or can get your hands on.
  2. Think of things that can be made ahead of time, especially if you have a Cricut or can easily print things out. I usually start making things at least a month or 2 in advance so I don’t stress out the night before. Now that I have kids, I really have to plan when I make things, which is mostly at night when they are asleep or when he’s at daycare and I get to work from home. Planning is key!
  3. Be simple. Easier said than done because if you are like me, you want to make/buy everything. But you really don’t. I tell myself now..where are you going to put all that. Or I buy things that can be reused. So white platters, white cake stands, white vases can be reused for any occasion and will adapt to whatever theme you choose. Also, keep your menu simple. I always want to make sure my guests are fed, but keep the menu simple so it’s easier on you and only have to get in bulk a few items. Too many options means not everything will be eaten by everyone which leads to more leftovers than needed.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions on your next party event! Would love to help in anyway, especially if you are local!

Event details:
Photography: JJ Emil Photography
Rentals: 2 Hearts Rentals
Table Rentals: Baker Rental Party
Crepe Catering: Catering of Paris
Other Food: Porto's Bakery & Homemade
Cakes/Cupcakes: Munch Bakery
Other Desserts: Porto's Bakery & Homemade
Event Design/Styling: A Bite of Soul
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